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アメリカ人が北朝鮮に英語を教えに行ってみた Vol.2

 2015/04/07 トレンド・ニュース
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アメリカ人ライター・ジャーナリストのSuki Kim(スキ・キム)氏



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Kimjang キムジャン


My efforts to expand their awareness kept backfiring. When I had them write a paragraph about kimjang (the annual kimchi-making tradition), I was handed a pile of preachy, self-righteous tirades. Almost half the students claimed that kimchi was the most famous food in the world, and that all other nations were envious of it. One student wrote that the American government had named it the official food of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. When I questioned him, he said everyone knew this fact, and that he could even prove it since his Korean textbook said so. A quick Internet search revealed that a Japanese manufacturer had claimed that kimchi was a Japanese dish and proposed it as an official Olympic food, but had been denied. Somehow this news item had been relayed to them in twisted form and was now treated as general knowledge.


とてつもない説教を食らった。それは自己の正当性を主張する長い非難演説だった。クラスのほぼ半数の生徒がキムチは世界で一番有名な食べ物で 世界中の国々がその事を羨んでいると主張した。ある生徒は1996年のアトランタオリンピックでキムチが公式食品としてアメリカ政府によって登 録されたと述べた。私が彼に疑問を投げかけると、コレは周知の事実で、 北朝鮮の教科書にもそう載っているので証明も出来ると言った。私がイン ターネットで調べたところ、日本の製造者がキムチは日本の食品だと主張 し、オリンピックの公式食品に登録しようとしたが、拒否されたと示され ていた。どういうわけか、この情報は彼らの中でねじ曲げられながら広まってはいったが、今では一般知識として扱われている。

To correct my students on each bit of misinformation was taxing and sometimes meant straying into dangerous territory. Another teacher said, “No way. Don’t touch that. If their book said it was true, you can’t tell them that it’s a lie.”




“Why is it not possible to like both spaghetti and kimchi?” 「なぜスパゲッティとキムチの両方を好きになる事が出来ないの?」


Sometimes they would ask why I never ate much white rice. They piled their trays with huge heaps of it at every meal, whereas I always put just a little on my tray. I explained that I liked white rice but did not care for it all the time. They asked what kinds of food I ate other than rice and naengmyun, their national dish. I couldnt exactly go on about fresh fruit smoothies and eggs Benedict, so I named two Western dishes I knew they had heard of: spaghetti and hot dogs. I knew that North Koreans enjoyed their own version of sausage because I had seen them lining up for it at the International Trade Fair. One of the students then wrote in his kimjanghomework, Those Koreans who prefer hot dogs and spaghetti over kimchi bring shame on their motherland by forgetting the superiority of kimchi. Nothing, it seemed, could break through their belligerent isolation; moreover, this attitude left no room for any argument, since all roads led to just one

conclusion. I returned the paper to him with a comment: Why is it not possible to like both spaghetti and kimchi?

時々彼らは私に何故米をそんなに食べないんだと訪ねた。毎食、彼らのご飯は皿に山盛りだった。いっぽう私はいつも少ししか盛らなかった。私は 米は好きだけれども、いつも食べたいとは思わないと彼らに説明した。彼らは米とニィンジュムン(彼らの国民的な料理)意外に何を食べるのかと 私に訪ねた。私はあえてフレッシュフルーツスムージーとエッグベネディ クトとは言わず、彼らが知っているであろう西洋の料理を二つ告げた。ホットドッグとスパゲッティだ。彼らが北朝鮮版のソーセージを好んで食べている事は知っていた。国際貿易フェアでそれが並んでいたのを見ていから だ。とある生徒がキムジャンの宿題にこう綴った。「キムチ以上にホットドッグやスパゲッティを愛し、キムチの優位性を忘れる朝鮮人は母なる大地にたいして恥じるべきである。」 何一つとして彼らの好戦的な孤立主義を打ち壊せるものはなさそうだった。さらに、教室の中で議論が起こる事はなかった。なぜなら彼らが持つ全て の意見は一つの結論に辿り着くからだ。 私は宿題にコメントを添えて返した。「なぜスパゲッティとキムチの両方を好きになる事が出来ないの?」

A strange thing 奇妙な出来事


After several lessons on the essay, a student said to me at dinner, A strange thing happened during our social science class this afternoon.

They never volunteered information about their Juche class, so I listened intently.

The student continued, We had to write an essay! He explained that they normally wrote short compositions in Korean and he had never thought of them as essays before, but now he did, and it made him feel strange.

“What was so strange? I asked.


「私達はエッセイを書かなければいけませんでした!」 韓国語の文章は基本的に短い文構成で、彼らはそれをエッセイとしてしっかり捉えてはいなかったのだが、 今ではエッセイだと認識している。そしてそのような考えが彼を変な気持ちにさせたのだ。

“I dont know, he said, pausing thoughtfully. I looked at it as an essay, and I realized that it was different now. Writing in English and writing in Korean are so different, but then it is also the same, and I kept thinking of the essay structure as I was writing it, and it made me feel strange.

彼は少し間をおいて考え、「今までエッセイだと思っていたものが違って見えるようになったんです。 韓国語と英語とではエッセイの書き方が全然違います。 それと同時に同じなのです。そして自分が書いたエッセイの構成について 考え続けていたのですが、それは私を変な気持ちさせるのです。」

Here, opposition was not an option ここには反論という選択肢は無い


I did not question him further, but I thought I understood. It must have been deeply confusing to approach his writing on Juche like an essay. In his country there was no proof, no checks and balances unless, of course, they wanted to prove that the Great Leader had single-handedly written hundreds of operas and thousands of books and saved the nation and done a miraculous number of things. Their entire system was designed not to be questioned, and to squash critical thinking. So the form of an essay, in which a thesis had to be proven, was antithetical to their entire system. The writer of an essay acknowledges the arguments opposing his thesis and refutes them. Here, opposition was not an option.



システム The system


I stared across at him and felt a familiar sick feeling. Perhaps this was only the beginning. The questions they would have. The questions they should be asking. The questions they would realize they had not been asking because they did not imagine they could, or because asking meant that they could no longer exist in their system.



Suki Kim


韓国で生まれ育ち13歳でニューヨークへ移住。バーナードカレッジ卒後、ロンドンに学ぶ。『ニューヨーク・タイムス』『ニューズ・ウィーク』『ウォールストリート・ジャーナル』などに執筆。『通訳/インタープリター』で、2004 Gustav Myers AwardおよびPEN Beyond Margins Award受賞、PEN Hemingway Awardの候補となる。マンハッタン在住


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アメリカ人が北朝鮮に英語を教えに行ってみた Vol.1



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